About Us

“In 1954, the name OLIONS was chosen by students to identify the Los Alamos High School Drama Club. Its derivation is found in the theatrical term “olio” which means a collection or hodge-podge of and kind of art, drama, or skit. The name truly gasps the spirit of this organization which is made up of a collection of students who represent a broad spectrum of vocational and avocational interests and abilities.

As a part of the high school setting, the Olions’ primary goal is to enhance the educational experience of the members by an involvement in the theatre arts… The Olions strive to maintain the highest standards and in no way seek to apologize for their efforts with the perjorative stigma of the term, ‘a high school show.'” -taken from a decades-old program.

While this excerpt may be old, its core meaning still rings true. Olions is the group where any student can explore their talents in a fun and supportive environment while helping to produce amazing shows. The 2017-18 board members are Elisa Cirigliano, Joshua Vigil, Sarah Russell, Olivia Taylor, Elia Vasquez, Jessica Erkkila, and Nora Cullinan. See our “Board Members” page to learn more about them.

We look forward to starting a fabulous new school year with all the Olions and our supporters!

For any questions, you can email losalamoshsolions@gmail.com. Our social media sites are currently being run by Olivia Taylor.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well for more updates!

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